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My son is in the CTE Construction class. I want to thank the teachers of this class. They push, motivate and teach my son in such a positive way. Great role models in a day where we lack that for our young men. What he learns in this class goes way beyond construction.
— Stacey Demoines
What would be the reason to NOT support an important program like CTE for students?
— Amy Miller
CTE is providing crucial training and opportunity to fill fields left behind in this college focused world.
— Adam Pitt
The programming provided by these classes is a vital component to the success of so many students across the district. This is a great path for a large number of our kids and supporting this supports them.
— Adam Zdrojewski
A CTE Millage will help build high quality Career Technical Education programs for students in Clare and Gladwin Counties. I have seen firsthand what a millage can do to build programs in Gratiot and Isabella Counties. The students of Clare Gladwin deserve this opportunity as well.
— Claire Bunker
I am a strong supporter of CTE. My grandson has this opportunity and he is very excited to think he will be able to learn the skills he needs for his future. He will be able to help pay his way through the rest of his college experience with the skills he is learning at CTE. This is a great opportunity for young people to get college experience.
— Roxie Greenman
These programs are a great opportunity for high school students to get a head start on a lifetime career. I have seen this work for hundreds of students.
— Janet Roberts
The CTE program is a very important program. We need to be able to offer our students as many opportunities as possible. Whether going on to college or going into a trade, students learn valuable skills through the CTE program. It is an opportunity for them to get a hands on learning experience that will either help them in their future career path or help them to decide if it is the direction they want to go. As a 3rd grade teacher, I have been lucky enough to have CTE students working in my classroom. The more opportunities we have to offer our students, the better chance they have for a successful future.
— Susan Clark
CTE is a wonderful program helping so many students across a wide variety of fields. It is a wonderful way for students to get some real life experience to help them determine what they want to do with their lives beyond high school. It is also a wonderful way to provide a service to our community.
— Paula Austin
CTE is so important to our local students!
— Lynn Grim
I have seen CTE from multiple viewpoints: a classroom teacher with a CTE student, a friend of a CTE student, and working within the same building as many CTE students. This program has helped turn many students into budding educators who will benefit the students of the future!
— Lynda Crawford
CTE programs open so many doors to fulfilling productive careers.
— Sue Murawski
CTE is a great option for students to gain valuable skills to become productive members of our community!
— Matthew Smith
CTE is a great way for students to get real hands on experience. It is a very valuable tool in giving students the knowledge they need when choosing a career.
— DeVonna Haskell
The career and tech programs are so important for both the students and the employers of our counties.
— Cathryn Graveline
CTE benefits our kids, in our communities.
— Shanna Graham
  • Michelle Ambrozaitis

  • Shay Anderson

  • Paula Austin

  • Margaret Bailey

  • Mike Bailey

  • Carrie Balcirak

  • Lisa Beavers

  • Stacey Beebe

  • Jody Bennett

  • Linda Bennett

  • Paul Berger

  • Kristein Besey

  • Sheila Bissonnette

  • Kim Bobzien

  • Todd Bothwell

  • Paul Booms

  • Jeff Budge

  • Claire Bunker

  • Marcy Burgess

  • Travis Burgess

  • Karen Burmeister

  • Amy Case

  • Joan Cashin

  • Susan Chancey

  • William Chancey

  • Ken Chinavare

  • Susan Clark

  • Lee Ann Clayton

  • Martin Combs

  • Jolene Compton

  • Amanda Cooper

  • Bill Cooper

  • Lisa Cooper

  • Lori Cooper

  • Joe Cote

  • Lynda Crawford

  • Sherry Davidson

  • Kathy DeCarlo

  • Stacey Demoines

  • Andrea Dennis

  • Margie Dill

  • Austin Dobson

  • Chelsia Doty

  • Deb Fleming

  • Rick Foote

  • Erika Freds

  • Nila Frei

  • Dixie Gabalis

  • Emma Galliher

  • Mike Garchow

  • Laura Gardella

  • Brenda Gardner

  • Patty Gerow

  • Amy Gillespie

  • Rhonda Goin

  • Rusty Govitz

  • Shanna Graham

  • Cathryn Graveline

  • Roxie Greenman

  • Lynn Grim

  • Steve Grim

  • Dan Haggart

  • Marcia Makkonen Haley

  • Christine Hammond

  • Karly Hansen

  • DeVonna Haskell

  • Judy Hasler

  • Kay Hauck

  • Genine Hayden

  • James Hendrickson

  • Marsha Henry

  • Rich Hollister

  • Tom House

  • Kelly Humphrey

  • Kaitlyn Johnson

  • Pam Johnson

  • Enjoli Jolly

  • Steve Kanyo

  • Angela Kellogg

  • Jackie Keysor

  • Kevin Kickbusch

  • Sarah Kile

  • Melissa Kleiman

  • Jason Koch

  • Jim Langley

  • Barney Ledford

  • Suzanne Ledford

  • Patrick Leonard

  • Darcie Lewis

  • Betty Libbey

  • Jennifer Long

  • Clay Maxwell

  • Holli Meier

  • Dwayne Miedzianowski

  • Amy Miller

  • Michele Millhouse

  • Jeanie Mishler

  • Karen Muma

  • Sue Murawski

  • Jessica Murrell

  • Josh Myers

  • Michelle Neff

  • Steve Newkirk

  • Becky Nobis

  • Stacy Nold

  • Anna O'Dell

  • Candace Opalewski

  • Steve Pahl

  • Chris Pellerito

  • Daryl Phillips

  • Adam Pitt

  • Josh Prager

  • Amy Pratt

  • Sheryl Presler

  • Ryelee Price

  • Doug Pummell

  • Jill Radosta

  • Brian Ransom

  • Holly Resseguie

  • Keri Retzloff

  • Barb Richards

  • Kevin Richards

  • Brian Rise

  • Bridget Rise

  • Lori Robb

  • Janet Roberts

  • Heidi Rocha

  • Peggy Roe

  • Sandy Russell

  • Jason Sanderson

  • Ruth Sandridge

  • Phil Schafer

  • Dr. Alan Scott

  • Pam Sharrow

  • Katrina Shearer

  • Alleah Shellito

  • Christina Shellito

  • Paul Shimmons

  • Michael Simon

  • Matthew Smith

  • Deborah Snyder

  • Michael Sova

  • Joe Sprague

  • Cory St. Denis

  • Marcia St. Denis

  • LuAnn Strauch

  • Bonnie Sweet

  • Kim Taylor

  • Kendra Curtiss-Tomaski

  • Karry Kiste-Toner

  • Joe Trommater

  • Dr. Sarah Trommater

  • Barb Tyler

  • Tina Vermeesch

  • Jennifer Warren

  • Jacqui Wilson

  • John Wilson

  • James Winkler

  • Janice Winter

  • Russell Winter

  • Dawn Wiseman

  • Susan Wooden

  • Jackie Woolston

  • Katherine Knapp-Wyman

  • Kim Wynne

  • Adam Zdrojewski

  • Jane Zdrojewski

  • Jenna Zelkowski

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CTE is doing great things for my son and helping him build his future. He can see a clear path forward and that’s priceless. I love seeing his energy and excitement for Construction Trades class!
— Jane Zdrojewski
CTE is important to the young men and women of Clare and Gladwin Counties and to the entire community.
— Tom House
In 2013, the CTE Construction Program partnered with Hope in Harrison to remodel our building. Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to make that happen! The kids were amazing and our new building looks great.
— Laura Gardella - Executive Director
I’m the Criminal Justice instructor with CTE and find having the opportunity to share my law enforcement career with high school students and exposing them to real life situations to be rewarding.
— Michael Garchow
As a past CTE teacher, I feel a strong desire to encourage the support of CTE programs for our youth.
— Carrie Balcirak
We need what’s here plus an expansion of CTE!
— Genine Hayden
United Way of Clare and Gladwin Counties is proud to be a friend of CTE!
— Jennifer Long
I am a supporter of the CTE programs, both as a parent of a former CTE Construction Trades student as well as a professional who has seen a positive impact on students who have set goals and achieved them. Please, please continue to support this program!
— Barb Tyler
CTE offers hands-on learning and application of not only trade and academic skills, but life skills, as well. This helps prepare students for the workforce and for whatever path they choose following high school. Students and our community benefit from CTE programs.
— Deborah Snyder
My son is involved with this program and loves the construction trades! The instructors are great and great with the students. It absolutely lets them delve into an area of interest before making a career choice. What a great program!
— Amy Gillespie
Promoting CTE is essential. Students with vocational skills ultimately contribute years of economic growth and stability to our communities.
— Susan Wooden
CTE fills an important need in the lives of students and in our community.
— Christine Hammond
I have seen first hand what CTE can do for our students to prepare them for their career, college and their lives!
— Joe Trommater
CTE works on so many levels. It offers programs and classes that many school districts can no longer provide. Students have the opportunity to experience various vocations. Many decide on a career choice and go on to college. Others enter the workforce upon graduation, taking with them valuable training and experience learned in CTE programs. CTE is a community’s investment in the future!
— Rhonda Goin
When thinking of education, the Career Tech. Ed plays a critical role for the young people in our community.
— Pam Sharrow
The CTE programs are so beneficial. CTE makes a big difference for those students who need a more hands-on approach to learning. It provides opportunities for all students to succeed. I am a proud supporter of the CTE program.
— Jill Radosta
I am currently enrolled in CTE, I am very excited to have these experiences. I cannot wait to see what is to come.
— James Hendrickson
The CTE-Criminal Justice program is a valuable asset to our students and our community. The program allows for the students to be placed with offices within the criminal justice system. During these placements the students are exposed to the inner workings of the system that they ultimately hope to work within. Specifically, with the Prosecutor’s Office they are exposed to court hearings and the attorney interactions with victims, witnesses, and law enforcement officers in preparation for cases. I have been involved with this program since 2009 and have always enjoyed mentoring the students and watching them learn about the criminal justice system firsthand.
— Michelle Ambrozaitis