GAME ON! - Digital Media students pitch their game ideas

Students in CTE's Digital Media class have been studying videogame production, working on a project that not only calls for them to design a game from the ground up through concept, plotting, storyboarding and back-end design, but to experience pitching the idea to funding sources.

Students delivered their funding pitches last week. Instructor Jim Langley explains:

“The assignment here was to have the students present their Game Production Studio proposals to me. I will function as the CEO of the company once the project is approved. Until then, for the purposes of this, I function as the banking lender for them to procure a loan. In order for me to fund their idea, they have to propose it to me by explaining who their target demographic is, how much will their upstart costs be, showcase some assets and their proof of concept through the use of storyboards, etc.

I felt that, on the whole, the students did a solid job. I felt that the morning class did a better job because of their department solidarity, where all 4 department managers got up and participated in the presentation.

My hope for both classes was that they experience having to pitch an idea as an upstart company and take the time to think through the needs of their company and the direction their flagship product - in this case a class-wide collaborative videogame.”